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[On hold] Business workshops launched in partnership with Tohatoha


Notice: these workshops are presently on hold.


Brainbox is thrilled to be collaborating with digital education nonprofit Tohatoha on a range of tech-focused business workshops in 2023.

Each workshop aims to help New Zealand businesses navigate an increasingly complex and technologically sophisticated world. From ChatGPT and AI-generated media to recommendation algorithms, all of the topics the workshops will cover will only become more important to businesses and their staff going forward.

Throughout an interactive two-hour session, Brainbox Senior Consultant Allyn Robins and Tohatoha CEO Mandy Henk will break down technological innovations and get you thinking about how they might impact your business. They’ll provide you with a range of practical tools, knowledge and skills so that you walk out of the session with plans and ideas you can use.

We’re pleased to be able to offer special introductory rates - contact for more information.


An exciting array of topics are available, including the following:

ChatGPT & more: the promise and peril of AI-generated media

Artificial intelligence can now create art, music, writing and even speak like a human. What does this new frontier in media creation mean for businesses? In this workshop, you’ll learn how synthetic media is made, how it can be used, and how to approach it in a way that plays to your business’ strengths while minimising your risks.

The cost of disinformation: influence campaigns and your business

From China’s tensions with the US to the war in Ukraine, modern conflicts are becoming increasingly economic and diplomatic in nature - and propaganda is the weapon du jour. This puts business leaders on the front line of the information war. In this workshop, you’ll learn about the threats to your business posed by influence operations, how to avoid getting sucked in, and how your business can protect itself.

Secret highways: understanding recommendation algorithms for business

Recommendation algorithms are the unsung heroes of the digital age - they shape the world around us in myriad quiet ways, including the business landscape. In this workshop, you’ll learn how and why these algorithms are used, how they can give you an advantage over the competition, and how to avoid falling into traps that have sunk many businesses.

Thinking like a spy: making intelligence central in business

In the battlefield and the boardroom, conflicts are decided by knowledge and planning. But with an endless amount of information available, most of it bad, how do you find what’s relevant and use it effectively? In this workshop, you’ll learn how intelligence professionals think, and how to apply their techniques to make sure that you always hold the cards.


About the speakers

Allyn Robins - Senior Consultant, Brainbox

Allyn is a new and formidable force in the field of emerging technology. Prior to joining Brainbox he worked as an intelligence analyst at the Department for Prime Minister and Cabinet, where he founded the emerging technology portfolio. His writing and thinking still forms the basis for much of New Zealand's ongoing policy work in the area.

Mandy Henk - CEO, Tohatoha

Mandy is a writer, speaker, and leader in the critical technology space. Whether pioneering a social movement at The People’s Library at Occupy Wall Street or writing the first of its kind book on climate change and libraries for the American Library Association, Mandy’s work has been at the leading edge of world transforming ideas.

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