The Perception inception project

Contemporary audio-visual effects technologies now allow for the creation and manipulation of information in challenging ways never before encountered. They can be used to put words in people’s mouths, portray people doing things they never did, copy their faces and voices, or even create entirely new faces and voices that appear thoroughly human. This study will consider the wide-ranging social, legal and policy issues arising. These issues are problematic for property law, consumer rights, human rights, evidence law and cyber security. They will also fundamentally change the way we trust and interact with one another and media. The researchers will develop an understanding of these technologies which will then inform the identification and exploration of the range of legal and social issues. They will proceed to define this important and rapidly emerging area of technology law, producing and promoting a report which guides creators, consumers, and policymakers for the future.


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More information about the Perception Inception Project can be accessed through the Project’s home website.

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New zealand law foundation information law and policy project

Perception Inception is supported by funding from the NZLF. The NZLF administers an Information Law and Policy Project focused on preparing New Zealand for technologies in the information age.


nzlf Centre for law and policy in emerging technologies at the university of otago

The project is assisted by the Centre of Law and Policy in Emerging Technologies, based at Otago University.