Tom Barraclough

Director, Research Fellow

Tom Barraclough is a scholar with expertise in the law and policy of health, disability and access to justice, He delivered a shadow report to the United Nations Committee on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities, among several other projects directed towards the design of better law and policy for personal injury. His policy interests span the intersection of technology and law but have special emphasis on health and disability, as well as resource management and the environment.

Tom has been involved in a range of strategic litigation with the goal from the perspective of improving the operation of the New Zealand Accident Compensation Scheme. He continues to work as an advocate for injured persons.

As well as this, he has a growing interest in digital technologies, and has been a Chair of the New Zealand Artificial Intelligence Forum Working Group on Law, Ethics, and Society.

Tom earned bachelors degrees in both law and arts from the University of Otago. He received the degree of Bachelor of Laws with First Class Honours. His Bachelor of Arts majored in Political Science. His dissertation on the Te Awa Tupua (Whanganui River) proposal was among the first of its kind, explored the extent to which the proposal truly reflected the Rights of Nature.