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Our Services

> Policy & Business Consulting

We understand law, policy, and technology. If you need a problem solved in any one of those areas, or at the intersection where they converge, Brainbox is the ideal consulting agency for you. We help businesses, governments, and nonprofits understand, refine, and deploy new policies and processes. We are experienced in project management, stakeholder engagement, and policy drafting. And if you need all-new systems built for your business, our partners at Syncopate Labs will be happy to help.

> Forecasting & Strategy

The world is changing more rapidly than ever before. Technological developments, legal complexities, and geopolitical volatility are all challenging to grasp and respond to – especially if you’re stuck being reactive. Our world-class analysts and deep international networks can help you to understand, predict, and take advantage of these trends, whether that involves strategic analysis, technological forecasting, a frank assessment of geostrategic competition – or something that synthesises all three.

> Systems Design
& Conceptual Exploration

We understand legal, political, and technical systems – and we are experienced in adapting them, or even designing new ones. If you want to integrate new technologies, design novel ways of working, or simply want a reliable partner to explore and refine your ideas with you, Brainbox is the ideal collaborator – we’re equally comfortable getting deep into the weeds and stepping outside the [brain] box to think big.

> Market, Legal,
& Policy Research

We are experienced researchers. Whether you need a landscape scan, policy analysis, or a literature review, we offer deep knowledge, a unique combination of expertise, and an unshakeable commitment to honest pragmatism. Whether we’re conducting original research for you, evaluating your internal reporting, or on retainer to give prompt advice when you need it, we will always say what we think – rather than what we think you want to hear.

> Workshops, Corporate
Education & Public Speaking

Artificial Intelligence, disinformation, geopolitics, emerging technologies – we understand the issues that shape the future that businesses, governments, and individuals face on a day-to-day basis, and there’s little we like to do more than share that knowledge in an accessible, engaging way. Our stellar presenters can entertain, educate, and inspire in a variety of formats ranging from short keynote speeches to all-day workshops.

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