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Brainbox Fellows Programme

We're excited to announce the details of The Brainbox Fellows Programme, a collaborative initiative built on mutual admiration and respect between the Brainbox Institute and other thought leaders in the tech policy community.

The Brainbox Fellows Programme enables Fellows to work collaboratively with the Brainbox Institute on projects of mutual interest, and offers graduates, experienced researchers and policy enthusiasts alike access to Brainbox Institute’s networks and infrastructure. 

The Programme was born out of a desire to increase collaboration, build relationships, and foster a diverse and high quality community in the law, technology and policy spaces. The long-term goal of the Programme is to strengthen the existing community base that works in these spheres, while also supporting new entrants.  

The Brainbox Fellows programme has been developed with the following goals in mind: 

  • To provide a means of recognising the informal relationships Brainbox has developed over time with highly engaged individuals in our areas of interest. 

  • To amplify the work of Brainbox Fellows and open further opportunities for them with Brainbox and with other organisations. 

  • To support the development of a diverse and high quality community of public policy contributors outside government. 

  • To diversify the areas of interest that Brainbox covers, as well as supporting Brainbox Fellows to do great work. 

In pursuit of these goals, Brainbox Fellows will have access to the following opportunities, with more on the way as the programme grows and develops:

  • Affiliation to Brainbox Institute through representation on our website and communication channels. 

  • The opportunity to connect with other Fellows through communications and networking programmes.

  • Identifying opportunities where appropriate, to deepen the connection between Brainbox and Brainbox Fellows, including through potential collaborations, shared projects, or partnerships. 

  • Where applicable, providing limited mentoring and professional support toward careers in public policy either within government, or in non-governmental organisations.

For further updates or more information, sign up for our newsletter or follow us on social media using the links on our home page.

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