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The Brainbox Institute Welcomes Dr Ellen Strickland, Begins Transition to Non-Profit Structure

Tom Barraclough, Founder and Director

I’m excited to announce two significant developments for the Brainbox Institute today.

Since Brainbox was founded in 2018, the design, development, deployment and governance of the internet, artificial intelligence and other technologies has only become more important. Based on our work during that time, and the positive response we’ve received, we strongly believe there’s an important place for an organisation like Brainbox in the domestic and international landscape.

To grow in the way we want to, and to deal with the topics we want to address, we’re going to need a different approach. On that basis, Brainbox is beginning a gradual transition toward a non-profit structure over the next 12 months. This shift will formalise our existing values and commitment to the public interest while opening up new opportunities to produce public goods that explore the impacts of technology on individuals, communities and society: communications, consulting, engagement, research, analysis, and education.

Values-driven consulting remains a core component of what we offer. We are committed to ensuring our work is grounded in practical realities, and advising and empowering businesses, government agencies and other clients on technology regulation and governance, while also expanding our capacity for public-interest research and initiatives as a think tank.

I’m also delighted to share that Dr Ellen Strickland will be joining the organisation as a Director, working alongside me to help lead this transition. Ellen is an expert in internet governance and technology related policy, and she brings fantastic experience in academic research, working with government, and leadership roles within technical and civil society organisations. She has a strong vision for what the Brainbox Institute could become with a firm eye toward both domestic and international landscapes, and I’m very excited to have her join us.

None of this would be possible without the vision and commitment of the existing team, who have been part of shaping this decision and are enthusiastic about Brainbox’s evolution.

From AI governance to digital trade to online information ecosystems, the internet and digital technologies are shaping every dimension of society. I’m confident that the Brainbox Institute can become an anchor point for engaging proactively on these issues, bringing an international perspective to New Zealand, and a New Zealand-based perspective to the world.

We believe in the potential of technology for empowerment - for individuals, communities, industries, and New Zealand as a whole. We want to be a good partner to existing actors, and to empower other organisations to take a more active role. We want to create a space for dialogue and discussion across stakeholder groups, as well as an avenue for nurturing coming generations of technology leaders.

I encourage you to reach out to me, Ellen, or the Brainbox team with any questions, suggestions, or collaborations you’d like to explore. You can learn more about Ellen here, and contact us via the website here.

We’re excited for what this next chapter will bring.


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