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Designing legislation from outside government

Past Project


A global and national movement has led progress toward enforceable rights for disabled people. Brainbox collaborated to design legislation that would enforce Accessibility in all areas for all New Zealanders.

Consultants from Brainbox collaborated with research partners, with the Access Alliance, and with the Ministry of Social Development.

Using our knowledge of the legislative process and of experience with the United Nations Convention on the Rights of People with Disabilities, we drew on the PCO's legislation guidelines to flesh out the Access Alliance vision into a more developed legislative scheme.

In 2021, the New Zealand Government announced plans to implement enforceable accessibility regulation, attributable to the advocacy by the Access Alliance and by research partner Warren Forster. Much of our legislative design was adopted in substance.

Brainbox strongly supports policy leadership outside of government. We are actively seeking opportunities to apply our insights to novel proposals for legislation from industry and community groups.

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