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Dispute resolution systems and access to justice

Past Project

2014 onward

Dispute resolution systems, justice policy and access to justice

Brainbox has published work on dispute resolution systems and access to justice in two areas:medico-legal disputes; online safety.Tom Barraclough has co-authored a number of publications on access to justice in New Zealand's medico-legal systems. These consist of a range of reports on access to justice for ACC claimants and articles in peer-reviewed journals. These insights have been applied in submissions to the Justice Committee and have been recognised in Parliamentary debates and independent ministerial inquiries.In 2021, Brainbox made a submission on a proposed voluntary online safety code for New Zealand. The Code was drafted by industry signatories such as Meta, YouTube and Twitter and led by Netsafe. The submission drew on other Brainbox investigations into platform content moderation systems for responding to terrorist incidents and global regulatory trends, and transparency-based approaches to social media regulation. The submission is available below.

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