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Law. Tech. Policy.

We connect the dots. 

You and your team might be experts in one of these spaces. But fluency in all three is rare, and time is scarce.
That’s where we come in.

Here’s how we can help 

Advice on the stakeholder landscape and navigating multi-stakeholder processes. 

Leading tricky discussions - both publicly and privately. 

Building your conceptual understanding of new technologies, or concepts in the legal system.  

Designing, analysing and describing public policy, legal systems, and digital systems.

Desktop research and verbal or written summaries. 

A constructive place to test your thinking, or a first draft to get you started. 

Creating software and digital solutions for implementing your objectives, including through work with your existing partners. 

We are small and nimble to support systems that must necessarily be large and slow.

There’s a place in the world for hierarchies and pyramids, but sometimes emerging issues need a different approach. We’ll tell you what you need to know, and make suggestions for how to use that knowledge. Clear communication, efficient operation, and treating everyone with respect for the unique knowledge and experience they bring.

Let’s talk. 

Who we’ve worked with

Global Network Initiative
NZ Super Fund
Human Rights Commission
Department of The Prime Minister and Cabinet
Neuberger Berman
Northern Trust
Taumata Arowai
Michael & Suzanne Borrin Foundation
ACT - The Coalition on Meaningful Transparency
Open Law
University of Otago
Digital Council
Te Tari Taiwhenua - Internal Affairs
Institute of Directors
Chartered Accountants Australia  and New_Zealand
AI Forum New Zealand
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