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The Brainbox Institute unveils new NZ AI Policy Tracker

Introducing the NZ AI Policy Tracker – a new resource launched today by the Brainbox Institute. This tool is designed to centralise information about Aotearoa New Zealand’s disparate AI regulatory environment and to provide a convenient one-stop spot for accessing relevant materials.

The tracker contains key outputs from government organisations, non-government organisations and experts, such as guidance on generative AI from various ministries, long-term insights plans, and policy documents. Researchers, academics, policy professionals and other interested parties will be able to use the tool to help assess and critique Aotearoa New Zealand’s AI regulatory and planning competency, or to simply understand what efforts are being made across the country’s various agencies. 

The tracker is intended to be a comprehensive and current resource, so will be regularly updated with new outputs and continue to be freely available. If you believe there is an output we have missed, or there is something you are working on that you would like us to add, please submit it to

Please note that the tracker is predominantly aimed at government and non-government outputs intended to foster AI research and policy efforts in Aotearoa New Zealand. It is not intended to be a list of every organisation or agency within Aotearoa New Zealand working in the broader AI space.

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